Friday, January 26, 2018

San Luis Potosi, Mexico - November 2017

In November of 2017 several friends and I headed down to San Luis Potosi, Mexico to forget about winter and live the good-life for a while. It was my 10th time traveling to the region to paddle over the previous 13 years, but the warm water, clean waterfalls, and awesome food in San Luis Potosi never get old and being able to drive down from the southeastern U.S. makes it by far the cheapest tropical paddling destination.  Check out my favorite 10 photos and the video from our trip!

Below: Christine and John at the put in for the Rio Minas Viejas. Photo by Darcy Johnson.

Below: Chandler running the rowdiest rapid on the Minas Viejas. Photo by Christine Vogler.

Below: Christine on the same drop, shot from downstream. Photo by Adam Goshorn.

Below: Chandler approaching Cascada de Tamul, the take-out for the Rio Santa Maria.  Photo by Adam Goshorn.

Below: Chandler dropping into a twisting rapid in the second canyon of the Rio Verde. Photo by Christine Vogler.

Christine hucking and tucking on the largest drop in the second canyon of the Rio Verde. Photo by Adam Goshorn.

Below: Adam Goshorn boofing over the hole at Nemo on the Salto Section of the Rio Valles.  Photo by Christine Boush.

Below: Adam Goshorn at the lip of El Trampolin on the Salto Section of the Rio Valles. Photo by Christine Vogler.

Below: Chandler running the signature drop on the Salto Section of the Rio Valles. Photo by Adam Goshorn.

Below: Chandler running the put-in drop on the classic Cascadas Micos section of the Rio Valles. Photo by Christine Vogler.

Below: Enjoy these video highlights from our trip and be sure to stick around to see a little carnage after the credits!

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Adam Goshorn

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Summer 2017

Summer means a chance to chase snow melt in the western US and usually means returning home to a fairly predictable rotation of dam-released runs in the southeastern US.  However, summer 2017 surprised me with local rain and natural flow before, between, and after my various western travels.  It was so great, in fact, that it was the middle of August before I had to start frequenting dam released runs.

The first western trip of Summer 2017 started with Brandon Dale and I heading to Moab, Utah for a good friend's wedding.  On the way we were able to slip in a run down Straight Canyon on Cottonwood Creek, a run neither of us knew much about, but it was on our way driving from Vegas to Moab so we stopped and checked it out.  Despite the remote location and desolate road, we lucked out being able to hitch-hike shuttle with a couple fisherman and enjoyed 8 miles of fun read-and-run.

After a fun time reuniting with old friends in Moab, we busted out an 11 hour drive to Kernville, California, picking up Josh Huber from the Vegas airport along the way.  Once in Kernville, we me up with Mikel Carr, Jason Bordwine, and Daniel White to camp and paddle for the rest of the week.  Over the course of four days we did 10 laps as the level dropped from 2.75 to 2.0 over the course of the week. This video is a compilation of footage from those 4 days, but most of the up-close, river-level shots were taken on the last day with the level around 2.0. The video features the first two thirds of the run and shows the rapids in order.

After a couple weeks at home, HP Dave, Jerrod Jones, Ouzal Hinz, Cameron Mitchell and I headed out to Colorado to take advantage of the remaining snow melt. We drove 23-hours straight to get there, paddled seven days in a row, and drove 23 hours straight come home. Over the course of those seven days we did 14 runs on nine different sections. Here are some highlights from a few of the runs we paddled.

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-adam goshorn

Friday, January 5, 2018

Spring 2017

Below: When the water is high enough, the spout on the dam at Lake Lahusage on the East Fork of the Little River makes a nice park and huck.

Spring of 2017 was a great one for paddlers in North Alabama with ample rainfall relatively warm temperatures.  When my new Pyranha Machno arrived I was able to paddle it for eight days straight on several different local rivers and creeks at a variety of water levels.  It quickly became obvious where there was so much buzz surrounding this design and it has become my go-to boat for anything new or pushing my limits ever since.  Here is a little compiliation of footage from my first week in the Machno!

There was so much good local boating in the spring of 2017 it was hard to even keep up with the media side of things, hence why I'm playing catch up now.  However, I did manage to put together a little Spring Wrap Up video featuring some of the more obscure local runs that most people don't even know exist.

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Below: Lining up the big boof on the second tier of the put-in falls on the West Fork of the Little River.