Monday, February 16, 2009

Low Water and High Spirits in Little River Canyon

Still Photos by Anne Connelly

Low water levels have continued to prevail in north Alabama and much of the rest of the southeastern United States for over a month. Luckily we have received some rain, just as it seems like the rivers are going to drop too low to run, we managed to get just enough rain each week to get in our boats for the weekend. The levels haven’t been high by any means, but for those determined to go boating and those who enjoy tight, technical, creeking; we’ve been making the best of low water fun with boofs, spins, and splats all the way down the river.

As of this writing (2/12/09) the Little River through Little River Canyon in northeastern Alabama has been runnable every day since early December. Various levels on various days, but at least the middle section (Upper Two to Powell Trail) has remained at runable levels none-the-less. The great thing about the canyon is that it is very different and different levels… some rapids are better at low or high water, but every level brings out something different. The rapid “Terminal Eddy” get especially harder and more dangerous at lower levels.

The low levels have thinned out the crowd and for some reason really fostered a great vibe on the river every weekend lately. The slower pace and technical nature of the paddling leaves plenty of time for talking and enjoying each others company and the scenery in additon to the river itself as we make our way downstream. Good friends and good times keep us coming back, even when the rain isn’t all that we wish it would be.

Helmet Cam footage shot and edited by Adam Goshorn

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