Tuesday, September 15, 2015

More Colorado Goodness!

Even more Colorado goodness!

Below: Alicia Lycan throwing 'bows, photo by Adam Goshorn

Below: John Kern catching air, photo by Adam Goshorn

Below: Mikel Carr dropping it like its hot, photo by Adam Goshorn.

Below: Eric Hoffman bombing down hill, photo by Adam Goshorn

Below: Brandon Dale taking flight, photo by Adam Goshorn

Below: John Kern's excellent edit from our time in Colorado in late June and early July 2015.

CO 2015 from John Kern on Vimeo.

Until Next Time...

-Adam Goshorn

Below: Adam Goshorn entering the first of the larger slides on the Upper East River, photo by Brandon Dale.

kayak session

Colorado 2015 Media Dump

Colorado is one of the most fun and picturesque places for paddlers to visit.  Enough said... lets get to the media!

Below: Adam Goshorn slip-n-sliding on OBJ, photo by Alicia Lycan AG on OBJ by Alicia Lycan 1

Below: Eric Hoffman rocking the Shiva on OBJ, photo by Adam Goshorn Eric Hoffman by AG 9

Below: Adam Goshorn on the first drop on OBJ, Photo by Jason Bordwine Adam Goshorn OJB 1 by Jason Bordwine

Below: Alicia Lycan boofing on OBJ, photo by Adam Goshorn Alicia Lycan on OBJ by Adam Goshorn 2

Below: Adam Goshorn lining up the kicker on Avalanche rapid on OBJ, photo by Jason Bordwine AG Avalanche 5

Below: A compalation of footage from our time in Colorado in June and July of 2015.  Edited by Adam Goshorn

Until Next Time...

 -Adam Goshorn

Below: The crew taking in the scenery at Cottonwood Pass, photo by Adam Goshorn Cottonwood Pass

Below: Adam Goshorn living the good life at 12,000 feet, photo by John Kern AG Snow Angel

kayak session