Wednesday, February 28, 2007

New Camera + 0.7" of Rain = New LRC Pics!

Well I finally bit the bullet and invested in a digital camera. When it began to rain Saturday night after a month of dry weather I was almost as exceited to get to use my camera as I was about the rising water. Since it was just the two of us, Joey got to be my subjet all day as we paddled Little River Canyon from the Suicide section down to Powell Trail. He was very understanding as I continued to ask him to let me hop out and get a picture of various things all day... starting as we put on at -2".
In addition to the classics I also wanted to get some pictures of the lesser known rapids in the canyon. This series of ledges is just after the put-in.

After the ledge series comes the first more constricted drop, commonly called "Are You Ready?"

After another small ledge series comes a riverwide 6 footer, Blue Hole. Here Joey boofs off the river left side which is the only route at lower levels.
Around the bend from Blue Hole is Mammoth Rock which is the bigest rapid on the canyon that you never hear about or see pictures of... at least I hadn't heard of it until my first trip down Suicide.

Just past the pool after Mammoth comes Terminal Eddy, a tight line near some real hazards at lower levels. Its amazing how easier and less dangerous this rapid becomes at higher water.

Between Avalanche and Cable Falls are some fun rapids including this one commonly called "The Mushroom Boof".

The (low water) line at Cable Falls is one of the coolest and most unique lines in LRC. Here is Joey on the first drop as seen from above.

Here is a sequence of Joey on the main drop of Pinball, the classic LRC rapid.

After Pinball we stopped less, but I did hop out to take this pic of Humpty Dumpty from downstream.

From Humpty to Powell Trail we just enjoyed the river only stoping once for this pic of an unnamed boof part way down Upper Two.

And that concludes my first day with the new camera. I'm looking forward to learning to use it, trying out new angles, and to getting a good zoom lens soon. Looks like more rain on the way for this weekend so hopefully I'll get the chance.

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