Friday, August 7, 2009

June 2009 Update

June of this year actually saw some quality rainfall across the southeast, a big change from the past few. After years of drought, this year seemed like quite a bit of rain and quite a few rivers running. Then again, at this point average would seem like a lot after what we’ve been through. I spent the month criss-crossing the southeast catching up with friends and paddling whatever presented itself, which turned out to be quite a bit.

My June consisted of a dozen days running doubles on the Green, 4 days on the Ocoee, 2 days on the Russell Fork, as well as one day trips to the Little River(TN), Watauga, Wilson Creek, Cheoah, Triple Falls(Dupont), Tellico, and Section IV of the Chattooga. It was a great time and I can't thank everyone enough for making it so. Also special thanks to Joey Jarrell for letting me crash at his place during all my time at the Green in June and July. Although I didn't spend much time shooting pictures or video in June, we did film a little North Carolina rock sledding one morning and spent a little more time filming on one of my favorite runs, the Russell Fork.

The Russell Fork is one of the most consistently runnable creeks in the Southeast, probably in the top 2 , perhaps even number 1. Although it seems many boaters only go to the Russell Fork during the October lake drawdown, the river is well above the minimum for most of the year. If I had to venture a guess, I'd say the Russell Fork is only below 250 (what I consider the out-of-towner's minimum) for around 50-75 days a year. I'm sure locals would have a more accurate estimate, but the point is it runs a ton and sees little traffic.

Below is a PSA about lower (non release) levels on the Russell Fork, followed by some footage from Matt Wallace and I paddling there in June at a level of about 300 to 350 cfs... and then a little footage of some North Carolina rock sledding just for fun. Enjoy.

Russell Fork PSA and Rock Sledding from Adam Goshorn on Vimeo.

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