Sunday, May 3, 2015

A Grand Canyon Christmas

Below: Santa! Photo by Ruby Compton.   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Photo by Ruby Compton[/caption] For the fifth time in six years, in December 2014 I found myself climbing into a Pyranha boat and sliding into the waters of the Colorado River at Lees Ferry, Arizona.  Previously I've paddled the Grand Canyon with raft-support in an Everest, Burn II, and Shiva; and one self-support trip in the Fusion.  This time around my boat of choice was the Burn III, which I have been loving ever since it came out, although, this would be my first chance to paddle it in big-water rapids on a high volume river like the Colorado!

 Below: A compilation of video from our trip, edited by Adam Goshorn.

 Below: A storm brewing, photo by Evan Alfano. AG by EA 3  

 Below: New school meets old school deep in the Grand Canyon, photo by Charlie Mix. Adam Goshorn by Charlie Mix 1

Below: One of a million side hikes, photo by Ruby Compton. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         

Below: Another day of floating through a geology lesson, photo by Evan Alfano. AG by EA 1

 Below: North Canyon Camp, night two, photo by Blake Burks. North Canyon Campsite by BB

 Below: Mandatory visit to the graineries, photo by Adam Goshorn. Graineries by AG 1

 Below: Late afternoon mirror imaging, photo by Adam Goshorn. Mirror Shot by AG 1

 Below: The upside to rain in the Grand Canyon are the rainbows, photo by Ruby Compton.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Below: Redwall jumpshot, photo by Adam Goshorn. Redwall by AG 5

 Below: Blue skies and brown water, photo by Evan Alfano. AG by EA 2

 Below: Deer creek magic, photo by Adam Goshorn. Deer Creel by AG 1  

 Below: Another camp... another awesome sunset, photo by Evan Alfano. Sunset by EA 1

 Below: Ledges camp, deep in the ditch, photo by Ruby Compton. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Below: Another rainy days means another rainbow, photo by Ruby Compton. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Below: Talking Heads Camp, across from Teapeats Creek, photo by Evan Alfano. Talking Heads campsite by EA 1

 Below: Our Christmas Tree all lit up.  Photo by Shannon Goshorn. Christmas Tree by SG 2   Below: Watching the sunset with Diamond Peak in the background, photo by Shannon Goshorn. AG Diamond Peak by SG 1

 Below: Life and death in the ditch, photo by Evan Alfano. Skull by EA 1  

 Until Next Time...

 Adam Goshorn

kayak session