Monday, December 11, 2006

Return to Mexico Part I: Getting There

My "Return to Mexico" was loosely planned for much of the previous year, but a revolving cast of friends also voiced interest in going so we were never sure exactly who would until almost the last minute. From the beginning John, Dustin, Shannon, and I were commited to the trip and in the end it would be just the four of us who made the journey.

John and I had spent Christmas of 2005 paddling in the region around Cd. Valles Mexico and our plan was to return this year at Thanksgiving to catch the end of the rainy season (Oct/Nov) in hope of finding better water levels and more options for creeking. The region around Cd. Valles SLP is within easy range for US paddlers willing to travel and much closer than the other options for whitewater in MX. We converged in Birmingham on a Friday night after work and a mere 26 hours of driving brought us to our campsite.

Most of the campsite shows its past as what was once part of a large Bannana plantation.

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