Monday, December 11, 2006

Return To Mexico, Part II: Cascadas Micos

The Cascadas Micos section of the Rio Valles drops through an impressive gorge with dramatic travertine waterfalls ranging from 8-70 feet high. While all the drops have seem multiple runs the most commonly run section (for those not running the big one) is from the pool at the base of the 70 footer to the park at the second powerhouse. From the behind the second powerhouse it is possible to hike out of the gorge and up to the road for a quick shuttle (bring a bike!) for another lap. We made 5 runs our first day (pics below).

At good water levels there are 2-4 (or more) different lines of each of the falls. These many options combined with the relatively clean nature of most the drops makes this the perfect place to practice waterfall technique. Unfortunately during our time in MX we heard of a plan to dewater the Cascadas Micos completely for increased hydroelectric utilization. A local paddler (Jeorge) explained that he, and others, hoped to gather signatures and present the case for saving the Micos from this fate, but he was doubtful about their chances.

This cool shrine at the top of the hike out was right in front of a endless cascade that come off the cliffs above and continued under the road and on to the river.

The following two shots are the view from the shuttle road. The put in is at the base of the large falls. The road is pretty high above the river so hiking in and out multiple times per day adds some good exercise to an otherwise short run.

The put in itself is a special place.

The first drop below the 70 footer has two main lines. Both slides, but one more vertical than the other.

This is the second drop.

The third drop has a fold that can develop a good hole at higher water.

This low volume slide was far river left at the forth drop.

The fifth drop is the biggest and has an endless number of lines (at high water) from slides to vertical.

The last drop is a twisting slide into a ten foot boof and then down a tongue to punch a hole. It's fast and fun.

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