Monday, January 15, 2007

Happy Holidays to Southeast Paddlers

As the end of 2006 drew near the holiday season brought the blessings of rain to much of the southeast. I was based in VA (visiting my folks) for most of the holiday season, but I managed to boat or go on scouting/wood removal missions almost every day for two and a half weeks. During that time I paddled, Watuaga, WFFB, the Green Lite, Upper/Lower Big Creek, LRC, ran laps on Wilson Creek, and spent 2 days playboating on the James River in VA.

Needless to say I was putting in alot of time on the road, including 4 trips to NC for paddling. One day Joey, John and I decided to check out the West Fork of the French Broad near Brevard NC. It was running at a minimal flow (-6"), but since none of us had ever run it we went anyway. Below are some still pics from the great slides on this run.

The third and final slide was much larger than photos can show. It was a blast, even at low water. John and Joey ran first and Joey hopped out at the bottom and pulled out the camera to catch my run.

The WFFB is a cool and very photogenic run, I look forward to returning to it with more water.
Until next time...

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