Thursday, January 11, 2007

Return to Mexico, Part VI: Double Salto Action

On what would turn out to be our second to last day of paddling in MX we returned to the El Salto section of the Rio Valles and made two runs. I've also included some of the names we used for rapids on this run just for fun. Interestingly enough the water level was about 6" higher at the put-in during our first run. For whatever reason, in our two years here it has always been the case that the hydro plant upstream releases more water in the morning thatn afternoon. This first picuture is most certinly from our morning run.

Having strained her shoulder on the previos day, Shannon hiked into a sketchy cliff overlooking La Luminosa and took these great shots from a really cool angle on each of our runs.

From river level were were busy photographing too. Dustin took this first one of me melting into the seam at La Luminosa.

At higher water this fun boof reminded us of a familar rapid back home so we dubbed it... Mexican Soc'em Dog.
We took to refering to this drop as the Aquarium for obvious reasons.
The ramp rapid...


This was an easy drop with a very stong hole at high water earning it the name Bitchslap!
The Spout...

On our first run we arrived at the rapid below the spout to find quite a suprise. In the 2 days since we were last here one of the large travertine dams had broken and completely changed the river. This was a facinating reminder that geology is always at work,

Last boof. aka Mexican Tanner's Boof

After our second run we went up to the dewatered section of El Salto to check out the dewater falls and the popular swimming pools at it's base.

With one full day left there was must discussion over where we should spend our last full day in MX. Finally we decided to check out Rio Frio since it would be a new river to us all.

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