Thursday, January 11, 2007

Return to Mexico, Part VII: El Skunko de Rio Frio

The Rio Frio is one of the main tribs of the Rio Gallines which forms Cascada De Tamul when if drops into the Santa Maria. When we ran the Santa Maria a few days earlier the Gallines had been a rushing torrent leading us to beleive the the Rio Frio must be running as well. The previous day we had also met Tom McEwin on his way to go check out the Frio. So, for our final full day in MX we headed northwest from Valles in search of the Rio Frio.

After many back roads a a few wrong turn we eventually found the take-out then the put-in. The whitewater secion of the Rio Frio is a couple of miles long and contains many easy travertine drops and a short section where it forms its own micro gorge.

After the first few small ledges we were beginning to be discouraged because of the low water level. Then we reached a fun sliding double drop that brightened our prospects. Here is Dustin finishing the last slide.
As the Frio narrowed into a mico gorge the drops became more plentiful, but one thing remained obvious... the water was quite low.
I included this good picture of the take-out for any "would be" paddlers of the Rio Frio. See the cross beam in the bottom left hand corner of the picutre that is just out of the water... make sure this board is about 6+ inches under the water and the run should be good.

When we reached the take out we were suprised to find a buch of TX boaters taking out as well.
While we were loading our truck there was quite a traffic jam beside the take out bridge.

Upon leaving the Rio Frio we decided to spend the rest of the afternoon in search of a possible take-out of another river in the area (hopefully for use on a future trip).

After a few more dirt roads and a short hike we found what would probally be the take out. Hopefully someday I will find myself in MX during high water and will get a chance to explore this run from the other side of the mountains.

The following morning we ate breakfast and slowly packed up all our gear into the truck for the 26 hour drive back home. We said our last goodbyes to our MX friends and our campsite and hit the road.

Until next time...

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